Hi, thanks for dropping by.

I am a Tasmanian based author.

I am of Sami descent and can see many of my Sami genetic traits showing up in my life and writing. I am also of Estonian descent.

If you had a list of the most prolific short story authors in all of human history, I would (should) be on that list. With over 1500 short stories, novels and plays published on Amazon, the iTunes store and  retailers around the world I have been busy with my over active imagination.

Under my own name, Eero Tarik, I publish mainly sci-fi/ futuristic ideas but I have also published under a dozen pen names over the last 10 years and my works cover 9 of the 10 Dewey categories.

If you want to look up some of my works try googling me or you can visit my pages at Amazon here…  and at Smashwords here…

My favourite works?

I enjoyed writing “The Adventures of Sandee and Donna” as it was based on a group of people I was working with at the time in Canberra – they encouraged me to write about them. The 2nd and 3rd instalments in that series, “The Time Traveller and Rochelle” and “The Time Traveller and the Edge of the Universe” also stand out in my mind. There are some interesting concepts being thrown around in those stories.

I also enjoyed writing the Fembot series, so much that I even wrote music to go with the stories. I published the music on youtube.

Below is a list of some of my favourite works under my name… with their links to Amazon in brackets.

 The Adventures of Sandee and Donna [ buy here] 






The Time Traveller and Rochelle   [ buy here ] 







The Time Traveller and the Edge of the Universe   [ buy here ] 







Lag   [ buy here ]  







Harvest Ship  [ buy here ]  







The Body   [ buy here ]  







Androgyne   [ buy here ]